05 juillet 2009

Beck - 1992 Tape (Buck Fuck Iowa)

Trouvé sur un torrent, les 9 dernières pistes sont celles de la démo du premier groupe hard rock de Beck avec Steve Hanft: Loser.

1992 Demo is an album of home demos that Beck recorded when he was in the age of 20-22 years old. Like most of his early home demos this one is lo-fi and avant-garde. Some of the songs were done with Steve Hanft, and may even be remnants of the band they were in together called Loser. More recently, another version of this demo was found with some actual Loser recordings on the other side of the tape.

It can be found online from time to time via download and BitTorrent. Like other early Beck cassettes, it was recorded on an analog recording machine known as a "four-track." The demo's lyrics are used in quite a random way, and the listener can hear a hint of what Beck's later songs sound like. And also like some of his other early cassettes, he may have made copies of the tape, and sold them at shows that he played. This album also contains a humorous folk rendition of "Tough Fuckin' Shit" by the notorious punk rocker GG Allin.

The tape, upon discovery, was only labeled "1992 Demo." A few fans decided to call it Buck Fuck Iowa," but that remains an unofficial title.

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